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Welcome to Phantom VOD, the Israeli Science Fiction and Fantasy web-based video on demand service.

Operated by volunteers of the Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy since 2014, thousands of hand-picked movies are included along the differet categories. In addition to presenting you the best of online sci-fi entertainment, this website also includes hundreds of hours of lectures and live shows, recorded at the Israeli sci-fi conventions.

This website is operated for the pleasure of the Israeli Sci-Fi lovers and currently does not include an English interface. You can still enjoy the many movies included, as you pick a category from the right menu, as the film titles are all in English. We would also recommend watching a lecture by the american Sci-Fi author Brandon Sanderson, exclusive to this website.

Operating under the Phantom brand is also Phantom Cinema, a unique project bringing full length feature films as well as short films in the genre of sci-fi, fantasy, anime and supernatural horror to the sci-fi and anime conventions in Israel, throughout the year. For the most part, these screenings are the Israeli permieres of these films. A catalogue of some of the films we presented over the years on the big screen, can be browsed here.